Verbal Tenancy Agreement Ontario

If you signed a rental agreement that was not listed on the default rental form or if you have entered into an oral or non-oral agreement with your landlord, you can still ask the lessor to provide you with a rental agreement on the standard form. Hello Michael, I have a question: I have been living in this house for six years. The house was for sale a few months ago, the house has been sold and a new owner will take possession of the house. My current landlord told me I didn`t need to move. No letter was sent to give me a notice of eviction. My current landlord exhausted my last rent to terminate my lease with him. I have two questions: a) Do I have to sign a new lease (i.e. for one year of lease)?b) Can the new landlord increase the rent? This house is an old house. April 2014 is a mistake, since it should normally be the last day of the fixed duration and your start date is the first day of the month? If your termination is short, RTA will validate your termination by extending the termination to the following legal date.

I assume you resigned in February for April 1, 2014. If you are in a few days, your notification is postponed to the end of the next deadline, which is April 30, 2014 (or May 1, 2014, if it is really the end of the duration). This applies whether you have a fixed-term lease on this date or month after month. Your last month`s rent will be applied to the last month - which must be April and therefore you must rent March. However, the story doesn`t necessarily end there. Your landlord is quite technical when asking for the full 60-day notice period - the short notice period would really concern him - i.e. would he really have made a difference? In a sense, the law is the law, but really? Couldn`t he play, are we going to make a deal and calculate you a little, but for short days, etc.? Of course he doesn`t have to, but it seems like a good thing to do everything else the same way. Hello: Thank you for the question.

This is not so much a legal issue as it is a business practice issue. The Housing Rental Act is not for you when it comes to comparative rent between two assisted units, nor does it help you get a rental discount based on a comparison with other units. Certainly, the RTA has a lot to say about "legitimate" rent and it also has specific sections on rent rebates, but unfortunately nothing that says that a landlord must make their best offer to all tenants at the same time. Considering the timing of everything, it certainly seems like the kind of thing a homeowner would be willing to change if you only turned to the owner now. These are quite significant differences and it`s a pretty bad start to the lease if your daughter, the new tenant, is dissatisfied with the landlord from the start. Good luck and if you don`t mind, please tell me how you`re doing. Michael K. . . .