Russia India Visa Agreement

Citizens of the following countries can visit Russia without a visa, if you are travelling as part of the cabin crew: Afghanistan,[138] Algeria,[139] Austria,[140] Belgium,[141] Bulgaria,[142] Canada,[143] China,[144] Croatia,[146]Cyprus,[147] Czech Republic Denmark[146] 50] Ethiopia,[151] Finland,[152] France[153] Germany,[154] Greece[155] Iceland,[156] India,[157] Iraq,[158] Italy,[169] Japan,[160] Jordan,[16] Jordan,[16] 1] Lebanon[162][163] Libya,[164] Lithuania,[165] Luxembourg,[166] Malta,[167] Netherlands,[168] North Korea,[169] Northern Macedonia,[170] Norway,[171] 173] Portugal[174] Qatar,[175] Romania,[176] Singapore,[177] Spain[178] Sri Lanka,[179] Sweden,[180] Switzerland,[181] Turkmenistan,[182] United Arab Emirates,[183] United Kingdom ,[184] Vietnam. [185] Then I explain the gradual process of obtaining a tourist visa that I still am. Please indicate the Russian embassy or consulate or Russian visa application centre you wish to apply for your visa. Your request will be sent to the selected authority so that a decision on your application can be made. If you do not, you may be asked to complete a new application form. From 1 January 2021, a single electronic visa will be introduced in Russia. [211] On 6 October 2020, the list of states was approved in accordance with Decree 2571/2020 of the Government of the Russian Federation. [212] These are all countries whose citizens have been allowed to enter Russia on an electronic visa as part of the regional esVisas pilot project. The 16-day E-Visa is issued for tourist, business, humanitarian and guest travel.

The consular fee is $40. [213] A transit visa is required during the visit to Russia/Belarus if ticket holders for Euro 2020 football matches in St. Petersburg can enter Russia without a visa during the 2021 matches. [111] [112] [113] If you are not staying in a hotel but in a private house, then the Russian host is the one who must declare his guest at a police station or post office. You don`t need to be present at check-in, but you must provide your host with a copy of the first page of the passport, visa and entry card. For this procedure, you could be charged a small fee. Travellers from the following 63 countries are not required to obtain a visa before travelling to Russia, as long as the duration of their trip is within the visa waiver restriction referred to below. [46] [47] Before going into the details of the Russian visa application process, it is important to answer a few questions to better understand the procedures. Some visa centres offer postal services to process the visa by mail, but not others. If you are not able to personally relocate to the visa centre because it is far from your place of residence, you can apply for a visa via one of these private agencies that are responsible for receiving your documents and take them to the visa center.

In addition, tourists arriving from tourist cruise ships can leave the ship without a visa for tours organized by any licensed local tour operator, upon entry to Russia through the ports of Anadyr, Kaliningrad, Korsakov, Novorossiysk, Murmansk, Sevastopol, Sochi, St. Petersburg (Great Port of St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg.