Pandemic Pod Agreement Template

And as the weather gets colder, making outdoor events less feasible, experts say that mounting a pod can help people through the winter of the pandemic without having to give up interactions between people. Here are their tips for navigating the complex "Podding up" process. Pods " (also known as "bubbles") are partnerships between family groups during the COVID 19 pandemic. Pods are created during the pandemic to take care of children who do not attend school in person or who do not have their usual childcare. Improve socialization for children and families who feel isolated and/or help children who need more educational help. Sometimes families employ a trained teacher or tutor to teach or care for children in a socket. Sometimes one or more family members in the socket supervise or teach the children in the socket. Families in shell casings can make different decisions to protect their families from COVID-19. Some pods limit z.B all socialization inside the pod, so that members do not wear masks or perform physical moves with other pod members.

Other pods interact with several groups of people, so that members wear masks inside the pod to protect themselves and others. Some sockets include children of similar age, while others are of mixed age. Children of all ages (including high school students) can participate in a socket. Here we can look at the lessons of the AIDS and HIV pandemic and consensual non-monogamous communities. Those of us who travel to these communities often have experience in risk management, usually in the form of safer sexual conversations to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). We have adapted the STI COMMUNES questions to the conditions of COVID 19: people have different needs - and different reasons for expanding their circle of connection to the time pandemic. "What we thought normal was in May is not necessarily what`s normal today," he says. "If we continue to know about the virus and we are experiencing this pandemic, the recommendations may change. . . .

Understanding risk can change, so we need to be flexible. Keep in mind that this agreement applies to the expected behavior of all members of the Pod network, both during and outside the pod sessions.