An Exercise For Creating A Team Working Agreement

Super Jimmy Blog, very good process to set the rules and get the whole team to have the same expectations towards each other breaking groups bigger than five people in the subgroups. In my experience, it is easier to reach an agreement on small groups first and then put them back together. Teamwork is such a fundamental part of human experience that one would think that after 200,000 years of human evolution, it would be discovered. Unfortunately, the secret formula for creating large, agile teams always eludes us, and it probably always will, because teams are made up of people - and people are complex and dynamic. Ask team members to stand in their selected fields and share their views. If necessary, ask yourself questions for more in-depth information, for example.B. "What helped you with this improvement?" The field with the question mark can be chosen by those who wish to use unspecified areas. Tell participants that the group will do an exercise on team agreements and explain what they are (if the team doesn`t know them). Explain that it is important to have team agreements for a new team that starts today, or for a team already running so that they can focus on improving performance. You can adapt to the group`s focus. We did it as a team last week, and we`ve done well — team agreements that we can share with a fun and engaging activity that involves everyone.

During the next retrospective, Steve mentioned some of these topics and said he wants to talk about improving their environment. Tonia informs that she knows that another of her peers has created her own work agreement to reduce some of the friction and improve respect. If nothing comes to mind, read the links at the end of this article. There is a huge list of ideas for coaches and simple games. Don`t complicate the game, just make sure all team members participate. It`s good that the game pushes people out of their comfort zones. Have a good time! It is not a waste of time. Another possibility is for the team to agree on the current and desired conditions, but there is a great distance between these values. In such a case, focus on how to create ideas to reach the new state.

Now that you have the basics, here are examples of some clauses that you could include in your teamwork agreement. Some of them are specific to agile teams. If you opt for a team work agreement, the most important thing is to make sure that your team is fully involved in the whole process.